Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Vanilla Ice Cream

No one should survive without the perfect vanilla ice cream recipe.
Don't have an ice cream maker?
No one should survive without an ice cream maker.

Goodness knows where i will be without mine (probably in the corner licking plastic-tasting factory-made strawberry Popsicles, but anyway)

If you're more of a wild-wacky-explosion-in-your-mouth-flavour kind of ice cream person; Never fear. We add loads of other ingredients to this basic recipe to jazz it up a bit.

Feel like some hokey pokey?

Cookie dough ice cream is also a staple here, and the perfect cookie dough recipe will be coming your way as soon as i dig out some old pictures of them (or, make a new batch so i can take more photos) (and eat it along the way)

Don't you love how photography is such a good excuse to pig out?

Other variants of this recipe include rum and raisin, strawberry ripple. Or any ripple of your choice, chocolate chip, chocolate shell, chocolate ganache ripple (here's the ganache), brownie batter, blondie batter...

And for the daring, vanilla ice cream filled choux puffs with melted ganache smothered all over.
(Here of the choux recipe, and here for the ganache)

And now, see? i am hungry again.

What can i do?

Eating another scoop of this is my only choice. you see what this does to me? Off you go now. Let me sneak another scoop out of the freezer.

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