Friday, July 15, 2011

Hokey Pokey

I hate going to the dentist.
I hate the way their rubber gloves taste and I hate the gas tube they put at the back of your throat.
I hate the drill they use to srub your pearly whites (although in this case i doubt they would be truly pearly if your at the dentist for a cleaning)
More than ever, i hate the way they tell you to STAY AWAY FROM SUGAR.

Hokey Pokey.
If you think saying the word is fun, wait until you say it with loads of hokey pokey in your mouth.

If your the prim and proper type, you may call this 'Honeycomb".
Nevertheless, i'll bet you can't resist a bit of 'honeycomb' every now and then.

Come on, everybody loves 'em a little hokey pokey.
Yes. Even your dentist.

If your a'searchin' for the perfect vanilla ice cream recipe, I have the perfect one.
Give me a few days to type it out and fancy it up a bit and i'll post it over here.
(UPDATE: Here is your future best friend, the vanilla ice cream recipe)

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