About Me

Hello there!
My name is SASHA and I am terribly bad at describing myself.

I am, however, slightly better at writing lists.
(unless it's the shopping list. You could probably end up buying truckloads of useless stuff--like rhinestone-studded puppy collars--if it was my job to write your shopping lists)
So here is a list about myself:

1. I am turning 16 this year
2. I like Photography, and i use a Canon EOS 500D to capture all my food photos. It was the best thousand five hundred dollar i ever spent (and only).
3. i am FIFTEEN. Jeez, how much money do you THINK i spend?
4. i spend the rest of my money on shoes and film for my analogue cameras. But that's another story entirely
5. i tend to ramble.
6. I LIKE to bake. I TRY to bake. whether or not I am successful isn't really the point.
7. I eat very little during meals but snack A LOT. Healthy eating habit? I am a teenager. It's normal.
8. All the recipes compiled and photos i edited are going into a cookbook the my mother has assigned me to make for Christmas presents this year. Am i getting paid? No. But do i like doing it? Of course!
9. i really want to be an astronaut or ballerina when i grow up. But considering my fear of a lack of oxygen supply and my bad dancing abilities, it's never going to happen
10. It would be nice to sell stuff i bake. In fact, i would very much like to sell my granola. I'm thinking of calling it the 'Granola grrrrrrrlllllll." Because my tummy goes grrrrrllll every time i THINK of granola.
11. If you do not like granola, you may have to miss out on a considerable amount of my recipes
12. In fact, if you do not Lek granola, please get yourself checked. because who DOESN'T like granola? (other than my sister who puts nutella in her hamburgers)

And i do put a lot of effort into everything i post up here and i would appreciate it if you let me know if you want to use anything of mine. In fact, i would be flattered, but it would be nice if you could inform me first.

Creative Commons License
Photography and recipes by Sasha Gill is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this. You know know so much more about me than is really necessary. If you think you have any recipes that i may like, please LEAVE A COMMENT and link it to your own blogs. I do like to read excessive amounts of baking chronicles. And i am always up for another oven-related challenge. (Or stove top--I'm flexible)

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