Friday, May 20, 2011


I have a confession:
I am not a brownie lover.

Which is shocking, right?
what 16-year old girl who has a sweet tooth the size of alaska hates a dense, fudgey, oogey gooey chocolate brownie?

(This one)

Then Rachel came to school one day with a box full of betty crocker box-mix brownies.
Best. Brownies. Ever.

And i realised why i loved them.
They were light and crisp on the outside. they weren't dense or overly-rich or glue-your-jaw-shut chewy.

So i was a girl on a misson:
To make a spongy light brownie WITHOUT THE BOX MIX.
(somethign about the box mixes just isn't quite right)

So i went home and opened up my big book of THE NEW BEST RECIPE.
Which is, for the record, the best recipe book you'll ever find because all the recipes have been tested and tried out again and again so they are pratically idiot-proof for baking dummies such as myself.

And i found it!
My brownie recipe! Alas!

Then, i discovered obstacle No. 1: Sarah had used the last of our baking chocolate for chocolate lava cakes.

I wanted to cry out in despair.
A brownie without chocolate?
What was that?

Apparently--a blondie.

I was about to slam the book shut in frustration whne i spotted the recipe right beside the brownies.
Brownies-chocolate+white chocolate chips.


Now i am going to lie and say that i DID NOT, under any circumstances, finish 7 pieces before it was even teatime.

So since i DID NOT eat that many (ahem ahem)
It would be perfectly alright if i just had... one more?

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