Thursday, May 19, 2011

Sticky Finger Buns

So today i was feeling daring and i decided to lose my yeast virginity.
Now it is me, or does yeast smell great?

Just the SMELL of rising dough intoxicates me.
Kyra, however, refused to enter the kitchen the entire time i was there because she claimed the smell repulsed her.


observe my japanese sticky finger bun bites.
(i DID NOT come up with the name myslef)

The greatest thing about these buns is that you can add in almost anything you like to jazz it up. Sultanas? Why not? Chocolate Chips? Sure! Blueberries? Be my guest.

And for the really daring, trying stuffing some peanut butter in 'em.

i think i died and went to bun bite heaven.

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