Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Cream Puffs

I love this recipe.

Make them into little balls and you have cream puffs.
Roll them a little long into logs and top with chocolate ganache once they are done, and you have elcaires.

Brush the little balls with egg wash and cross hatch like and peanut butter cookie and sprinkle some pearl sugar and you have those deliciously delicate french pastries, choquettes.

this is the ever-versatile choux pastry recipe. Mine is a Japanese take on the choux recipe.

It tastes incredibly similar to those custard-filled giant cream puffs that exploded in my face (quite literally) on my trip to Hokkaido.

Next i need to master the cream puff swans.

Something just fills me with glee when i think of eating cream-filled swan puffs.

Fill these babies with buttercream or custard.
If you are daring, vanilla ice cream.

In fact, i stuff my puffs (heh. heh.) with a variety of ingredients. the whackier the better. I like fig jam and kaya (coconut custard) and peanut butter and mousse.

Try it out. go crazy.

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