Friday, June 3, 2011

Rolled Sugar Cookies

Baking, i have realised, is entirely dependant on the weather.
If it's too humid, macarons flop.
If it's too cold, yeasted breads don't rise.

If it is too HOT, you sugar cookie dough will become sugar cookie batter all over the front of your shirt, your hands, you counter top. Hell--even in your hair.

Sugar cookies make the best cookie gifts. Because it's hard to find anyone who doesn't appreciate a nice, crisp, buttery sugar cookie.
Plus, the ingredients are something you find in even the most basic of pantries.

I like to make them for valentines day.
Use heart cookie cutters to show the love.

Halloween? Make pumpkin sugar cookies! Christmas? Stars or trees!
the possibilities are virtually endless, as is your appetite when you have a jar-full of rejected sugar cookies in your cupboard.

sugar... overdose...

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