Thursday, May 26, 2011

Blueberry and coconut macaroon tart

It's not everyday that I have a fruit as exotic and expensive as blueberries to bake with.
Let me rephrase.
It's not everyday i am willing to sacrifice eating fresh, plain blueberries straight out of the little plastic cases (unwashed! gasp!) for one of my baking experiments.

But when i came across a recipe for a blackberry and coconut macaroon tart on smitten kitchen. I knew it would be worth the sacrifice.
(Also, i had TWO cartons of blueberries so i had backup)

These were PERFECT.
I love love coconut and berries so this is my new favourite tart.

I used the dry shredded coconut. But I figure i should have used the fresh, moist type then my tart would have been less dry. Not that it was DRY or anything, but i couldn't hurt to have been a little bit more moist.

SO if you DO happen to be as fortunate to have fresh shredded coconut in your fridge, do try it instead!

The recipe for my sweet pie crust can be found here.

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