Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sugee Cake

This is a typical Eurasian cake.
We have it all the time, anytime. At birthdays and weddings and anniversaries and christmas and new years and every other day we can think of.

Anytime is sugee cake time.

And it's easy to come across a horrid sugee cake.
Too dense, too greasy, collasped, too sweet, too--

un sugee cake like.

Growing up, my grandfather made the best sugee cakes. I swear. In fact, my sister ever proclaimed 'No one can make better sugee cake than grandpa except Jesus."

i struggle to imagine Jesus baking sugee cake, but i am sure he would have loved it.

It uses an unhealthful amount of eggs and butter, but hey. It's sugee cake. You can spare a bit of indulgence.

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